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Perform training at your own pace via on-demand streaming or attend regularly scheduled live courses via our remote attendance option.

Remote Student Testimonials

Below are examples of the kind of student feedback we receive regularly at HOTT for our remote attendance option.

I greatly enjoyed this course! This was the best training course I've taken for the past few years. Awesome and considerate instructor. He has done an excellent job on teaching the course. He created a very positive nice classroom atmosphere. He provided complete answers to all my questions.

I liked and it was beneficial for me that this course was connected to the actual classroom. I was a remote student, but it felt like I was in the classroom and this helped me to be connected and more efficient. I appreciate that actual hardcopy study materials (books, labs...) were sent to me! I will definitely recommend your company to others who are interested in taking professional courses. Thanks a lot HOTT for the great job!
– A.V., ERIN Engineering and Research, Inc.

Great engaging instructor that was able to make the class materials applicable to all of the students despite our differing experience. I would take training with HOTT again! I especially liked the remote capabilities and appreciated the pre-course training to troubleshoot. Thanks for a great class!
H.A., ONEOK, Inc.

The instructors examples were easy to understand. He had us test commands all throughout the lecture as part of the course which was great! I have taken many courses and he is one of the best teachers I have had.
K.C., The MITRE Corporation

This was a great course - I was a bit nervous about the remote training option but you guys pulled it off with flying colors. Sending the equipment with all of the software pre-loaded and configured was a fantastic idea.
T.E., US Nuclear Regulatory Commission

Taking the Android Programming class remotely worked out really well. The equipment provided and the thorough checkout of it was really smooth. I did not feel that I missed anything at all due to taking the class remotely.
J.Y., General Dynamics

This is the first time I have taken a live class remotely and I was pleasantly surprised how well it worked.
G.M., Cognex

It was an excellent course that exceeded my expectations. Remote attendance was convenient and I felt as if I was in class on site.
- S.D., Amica Insurance

I was very skeptical of remote classes and feel that online classes have very little value. I thought this would be like an online class, but the remote experience was much better than an online class.
L.P., Beckman Coulter

This training was excellent! The lab exercises were well thought and applicable to my area of work. I like the fact that I can continually review them. Instructor knew his material and answered all questions without any hesitation. I would recommend him to others interested in this course.
D.D., Lincoln Financial Group

Training Available for Multiple Locations

Perform training at your own pace via on-demand streaming or attend regularly scheduled live courses via full-duplex audio/visual connection with our remote attendance option. All courses are designed to include 50% instructor-facilitated hands on practice.